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Which Of These Are Illegal? Adultery, Immigration, North Korea, A Stolen Kiss

Happy Columbus day or normal day, depending on whether or not you acknowledge the holiday. Attacks on Christopher Columbus has been on the rise and many advocate changing the holiday to something else. But I know to many of you who did not get the day off… don’t you wish we could just agree to celebrate a holiday together? Here’s some interesting research on who works/doesn’t work on Columbus day.

I know I wrote about mistresses in China but I found this superb article exploring the topic in much more detail, not to mention, a personal voice from the women who decide to become mistresses. I keep realizing how much human nature doesn’t change. Whether 2,000 years ago in China when officials kept mistresses and even to the 21st century. Of course, China is not the only country to keep mistresses– arguably the United States takes it even further with divorce and adultery rates but what really surprised me is that adultery is considered a felony, though rarely prosecuted. There are laws on adultery??! I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Illegal crossings from Mexico have fallen to their lowest levels since 1970’s, so how is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) keeping its quota of averaging 34,000 detainees per day in custody? “Nearly 48 percent of the 350,000 immigrants over the past 16 months who triggered an “ICE detainer” — a request by the agency that local jails or police hold an individual until ICE can pick them up — had no criminal convictions, not even traffic violations, according to the TRAC Immigration Project.”

In other news, Kenneth Bae, the American Christian missionary who was detained by North Korea and serving a hard labor sentence, was visited by his mother.

I haven’t been writing much about the romantic relations part of my blog, but here’s a sweet article from NPR on what we can learn from a simple kiss.

Happy Monday, hope you are all enjoying the last bits of the beautiful autumn weather. Who wants to go pumpkin picking? Or better yet, who wants to prepare for Halloween by setting up a scary movie night?

Cheers 🙂

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Life is a Myster— History Lesson: The Tweet Heard Around the World, Vengeful Mistresses, Fake Elections

It has been a while but a lot of things have happened in my life since my last post so I had to take a short hiatus. The thing that hasn’t changed though is me bringing my thermos everywhere for coffee now. I might be slightly addicted to the high that comes with filling my thermos and saving one plastic/paper cup at a time.

So who remembers the shot heard around the world history event that we’ve been drilled into since… forever? The battle of lexington which started the Revolutionary War. Well anyway, we are now in the 21st century… and so… it goes, the tweet heard around the world. Some interesting famous tweets that have spurred on some momentous moments. History repeats itself for sure, just in different ways, eh?

Love can be a scary thing. Especially for these Chinese government officials whose mistresses have taken revenge on them.

If only we could travel into the future huh? Seems like it has for Azerbaijan. Their big presidential election on Wednesday was already expected to be rigged with their impediments on free speech. But really? Releasing the voting results before voting even starts? Cmon, that’s a bit much…

There is nothing that horrifies me more than people who are not willing to admit wrongdoings and trangressions that have happened. This Japanese politician told reporters at his weekly press conference Monday that “anyone would understand” the role of “comfort women” when soldiers were risking their lives and you wanted to give them “a rest.” From what I understand, most other Japanese officials do not agree with him. Either way, this continuing pattern of Japanese officials denying horrific things that happened is not new. Do you guys remember when a Japanese mayor denied that the Nanjing massacre even HAPPENED?! seriously, this is just ridiculous.

History. Anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of history just needs to look at these above examples to realize… in fact, history is essential to understanding the current world around us.

Best wishes to all of you out there.


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South Korea, China, Peru, and Dartmouth. Which of these do not belong?

Happy Hump Day! Don’t feel like writing my daily round-up today but.. I will! For all my lovely readers. I need the weekend to come faster.

Dartmouth in the news again over drinking and hazing problems. I’ve never been involved in Greek life but have definitely thought about joining. Carnegie Mellon’s greek life percentage is about 25% or so last time I saw a statistic but that might be outdated now. The hazing process described in Andrew Lohse’s essay seems really crazy. I don’t think greek life is a bad thing but when do you draw the line? And do we really need greek life? I wrote a blog entry about Asian Greek Life organizations before, talking about the purpose of having a sepearate greek life for Asians. But the underlying question for me is: What positive benefits does an Asian greek life provide? Are they talking about and promoting conversation about asian american life and issues to others outisde of their organization? If not, then what is the point?

More South Koreans are going to China to study than ever before— Interesting to me as a Korean-American who studies Chinese. The perception in Korea of China is still pretty negative in Korea.

Would you go watch a book-writing match? Seems like in Peru they have made book-writing into a spectator sport. All I can say is I’d love to visit and see how this works!!

Sorry it’s short today folks.

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Are the best things in life—free? Unpaid Internships, Obamacare, Shutdowns, and Innovation

Another week, another start of daily round-ups!

Hope everyone’s weekend was relaxing—I had a great time chilling on canvas art, sleeping in the sun, and general lazy-ing on Saturday with my best friends.

This was a very interesting article to me on why China’s innovation is lacking. Never thought of it this way but “to understand why China has such a tough time producing world-class innovations, take a look at how the Chinese play games”.

Been hearing all over the place that there could be a government shutdown? Yet again this year, this topic has been bumping all over the place. Seriously, get it together. Here’s a pretty helpful guide from CNN.

All the talk talk talk about Obamacare and its frivolousness, drains on society, to me are just excuses. Do people not understand that healthcare in America is in serious need of reform? You may say that we should just improve Medicaid but I believe that Obamacare is the first on a list of long needed reforms to make healthcare up to standard. Yes, the Affordable Care Act may not be perfect but it sure is the first step to making healthcare affordable, transparent, and available to everyone. Here—you can track the  Affordable Care Act.

As a former unpaid intern, I agree with NOT working unpaid if you can help it. I had two unpaid internships- one with the U.S. Department of Education and another with the State Department, Embassy in Seoul, and while both provided as a wonderful learning experience,  I still think, bottom line, paid internships equals a higher chance for a JOB. Especially your junior year of college, try like hell to get a paid internship. That is a gateway for a paid job and carefree senior year.

Cheers to the week!


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Stay Classy- Goldman Sachs, Revenge Porn, Income Inequality, Facebook

Daily Round up-

I’ll start off with some fun today. I clicked on this Goldman Sach’s Guide To Being A Man  with the intention of hating it (because I hate how mysogynistic their twitter handle is) but… I kind of love it.
Especially this: Desserts are for women. Order one and pretend you don’t mind that she’s eating yours.
I would fall in love with a man like this. This should, however, just be renamed: how to be a classy motherfather for both men AND women. I’ve learned something.

On to the heavy stuff

Should revenge porn be illegal? If your hypothetical boyfriend/girlfriend releases nude photos of you, there is no real legal action that you can currently take. But now there might be. And that is good. But for now, I’d say if you’re going to give up photos of yourself, make them give you some too. Unless they’re exhibitionists but you should really know them better before you give pictures to them.

Okay as someone who would love to be a foreign service officer and has interned at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, this story about Asian American diplomats not being able to serve in East Asian countries  due to “security” reasons is appalling. Covering racism with pretensions of fear is just unacceptable. Come on! We need a more representative foreign service– this is not helping.

There’s been a lot of talk of Income Inequality these days, especially in New York City, which makes me giddy since I believe that we are not doing enough in this arena. Why? “while the recession did indeed officially end in 2009, what we’ve had since then is a recovery of, by and for a small number of people at the top of the income distribution, with none of the gains trickling down to the less fortunate. Adjusted for inflation, the income of the top 1 percent rose 31 percent from 2009 to 2012, but the real income of the bottom 40 percent actually fell 6 percent.”
Do conservatives really think that cutting foodstamps will really help the problem? My goodness, no.

Okay this is a big one. China lifts ban on Facebook and Twitter — but only in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone. But I smell a bigger change coming. Don’t you? Perhaps the next time I’m in China (fingers crossed), I won’t have to use my slow VPN.

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Mo-Town and Bo Xilai


Detroit- Motor City or as we hippily call it, “ Mo-Town” is steadily trudging towards its demise. My best friend interned for Chrysler for the FIAT brand so I was able to visit Detroit. It really is quite sad that these huge car giants are not able to do more for the city. On a side note, on my megabus ride to Michigan from Pittsburgh, a guy tried to swindle me and later on, a guy invited me to watch fireworks at his party in Downtown Detroit. Friend or foe? But “Toast”, a restaurant somewhere in Michigan that I forget.. had some scrumptious drinks.

Bo Xilai’s life sentence imprisonment– I first heard of Bo Xilai while I was in Beijing last spring 2012.. and the trial has final finished. Unless there is an appeal– seems highly unlikely there will be a happy ending for him. This trial just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Did he reallly deserve a life sentence imprisonment? I would think twice about being a Chinese government official. One day you are their darling, the next day you’re gone.

Sorry, the daily round up is quite short today. I have a busy schedule but will be back tomorrow.

Cheers to the week! And will anyone be at the DUMBO Arts festival in New York this saturday? I’ll be there

Xo, Julie