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An Illegal Princetonian, Asian Education Fever, Charities, and Ding-Dings.

Good morning to all my lovely readers.
Without further ado– today’s round up.

Wow. Just wow. Joohee sent me this article this morning. This article about an undocumented Princeton student literally moved me to tears.  While this student had a happy ending, especially with the help of Princeton, it also makes me cry out for those who do not have that good fortune  and do not have the backing of a prestigious institution. But I love the role that Princeton plays for this student. That of a protector and supporter. Like all educational institutions ideally should.

Once upon a time, I donated $15 to the Souther Poverty Law Center and then after that got bombarded with constant mail from them to continue my donations. I have to say, their mailing material was quite nice.. sometimes I would even mistake it as a nice mail from a friend. But nevertheless, later on I realized they spent as much money on advertising as they did on their programs. Not saying that they’re horrible.. and definitely not as bad as some of these charities on this list.

A third of Chinese students studying abroad are from working class families. That is insane and dispels the myth of rich foreign students. The education fever in Asia is quite insane and the sacrifices that families make to send their kids abroad for education is quite sad. In Korea, over 70%!!!!!! of household expenditures goes toward private education!!!!! Unbelievable. While in Korea they are trying to rein in some of this extreme spending, nothing will change until the system changes. Until countries start developing their own world class universities and making education accessible, this will continue to go on.

When I visited Hong Kong a couple of years ago, I have to say that I too, felt transported into an earlier time when I rode their trams aka ding-dings. I’m glad to see that it is still an essential part of their city even as subways zip by underground.

Enjoy. And let’s all knock some sense into the Republicans. They want a paycut to their own staff’s income?!?!?!?! Damn. That is just some great front-stabbing.

Love, Peace, and Chocolate.