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Which Of These Are Illegal? Adultery, Immigration, North Korea, A Stolen Kiss

Happy Columbus day or normal day, depending on whether or not you acknowledge the holiday. Attacks on Christopher Columbus has been on the rise and many advocate changing the holiday to something else. But I know to many of you who did not get the day off… don’t you wish we could just agree to celebrate a holiday together? Here’s some interesting research on who works/doesn’t work on Columbus day.

I know I wrote about mistresses in China but I found this superb article exploring the topic in much more detail, not to mention, a personal voice from the women who decide to become mistresses. I keep realizing how much human nature doesn’t change. Whether 2,000 years ago in China when officials kept mistresses and even to the 21st century. Of course, China is not the only country to keep mistresses– arguably the United States takes it even further with divorce and adultery rates but what really surprised me is that adultery is considered a felony, though rarely prosecuted. There are laws on adultery??! I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Illegal crossings from Mexico have fallen to their lowest levels since 1970’s, so how is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) keeping its quota of averaging 34,000 detainees per day in custody? “Nearly 48 percent of the 350,000 immigrants over the past 16 months who triggered an “ICE detainer” — a request by the agency that local jails or police hold an individual until ICE can pick them up — had no criminal convictions, not even traffic violations, according to the TRAC Immigration Project.”

In other news, Kenneth Bae, the American Christian missionary who was detained by North Korea and serving a hard labor sentence, was visited by his mother.

I haven’t been writing much about the romantic relations part of my blog, but here’s a sweet article from NPR on what we can learn from a simple kiss.

Happy Monday, hope you are all enjoying the last bits of the beautiful autumn weather. Who wants to go pumpkin picking? Or better yet, who wants to prepare for Halloween by setting up a scary movie night?

Cheers 🙂