China, IR

South Korea, China, Peru, and Dartmouth. Which of these do not belong?

Happy Hump Day! Don’t feel like writing my daily round-up today but.. I will! For all my lovely readers. I need the weekend to come faster.

Dartmouth in the news again over drinking and hazing problems. I’ve never been involved in Greek life but have definitely thought about joining. Carnegie Mellon’s greek life percentage is about 25% or so last time I saw a statistic but that might be outdated now. The hazing process described in Andrew Lohse’s essay seems really crazy. I don’t think greek life is a bad thing but when do you draw the line? And do we really need greek life? I wrote a blog entry about Asian Greek Life organizations before, talking about the purpose of having a sepearate greek life for Asians. But the underlying question for me is: What positive benefits does an Asian greek life provide? Are they talking about and promoting conversation about asian american life and issues to others outisde of their organization? If not, then what is the point?

More South Koreans are going to China to study than ever before— Interesting to me as a Korean-American who studies Chinese. The perception in Korea of China is still pretty negative in Korea.

Would you go watch a book-writing match? Seems like in Peru they have made book-writing into a spectator sport. All I can say is I’d love to visit and see how this works!!

Sorry it’s short today folks.