An Update.

To my loyal followers, 

I know I haven’t been posting. Well that is because I recently got terminated (fired) from my old job doing Real Estate Marketing/PR. This lead to a couple of things– reassessing what my priorities are, what my passions are, and essentially, opened up the path for me to continue pursuing my dreams of a career in international relations. On the not-so-bright side, I am unemployed and broke (somewhat– relying on my parents). Hopefully they will continue to believe I will make it big sometime in the future.

The International Relations career track is very similar to pursuing a *Hollywood* career. It’s elusive and few make it to those top positions. There are few entry level positions available, which means you have to take on those dreadful unpaid internships that pay in, so called experience. Unsurprisingly, I am anxious about my future. Will I make it? But I do feel that getting fired was a sign that I should continue pursuing IR. It is so easy to take a job and just routinely do your life. It really is the road well traveled. 

Anyway, I recently took on an internship at the International Rescue Committee providing legal services for refugees and asylees. I’ve been loving it, especially since I get to interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. One of my clients, an asylee from Uyghur, volunteered to be my Chinese tutor! But anyway, that is my life as of now. Sorry I haven’t been able to do my daily round ups– it’s impossible to do them during the day and by the time I come home, I don’t have the energy to read through tons of news. haha. 

But I will update here when I can. And if you are interested in my other blog which focuses exclusively on creative writing and romantic prose, CLICK HERE.

Carpe Diem. Life is too short to live without passion.